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Anmeldung & Information:
Wir bitten um Terminvereinbarung: telefonisch oder per Email aufgrund der Corona-Lage


Anmeldeformular/ Signup form

Anmeldeformular/ Signup form


Herr/Mr Frau/Mrs 

Name/ Last Name*:

Vorname/ First Name*:

Geburtsdatum/ Date of birth (dd.mm.yyyy)*:

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The filing and payment, including the right of withdrawal, I have taken note of and accept them with my signature.

You may cancel your registration within two weeks revoke in writing (by letter, e-mail or fax). The period begins with receipt of confirmation. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation. The revocation must be sent to Voice Gallery, Königswortherstraße 2, 30167Hannover, or email: info@sprachegalerie-hannover.com
The registration can be done by submitting the completed registration form.

Principly, at least 8 participants are required for the establishment of a language course. If the required minimum number of participants is not reached, the Board of SGH checks in each case, whether the course will be however performed or postponed.
Upon registration, a deposit of 200 euros per course must be paid. The remaining fees must be paid at the latest when the course begins. Bank fees are charged to the participant.
Each new student paid at registration A registration fee of 25 Euro.

In case of cancellation or a resignation before the course starts, we reserve the right to four weeks prior to the course a handling fee of 100 Euro and up to two weeks before the course starts 200 € a. In case of late registration is no repayment claim. The resignation must be in writing. No-shows, the entire course fee has to be paid.

Cancellations after the start of the course are not possible. Declarations are accepted only in written form and 4 weeks before a course starts. Cancellations are only valid, after a confirmation of the language centre SGH.
Success a transfer, which is desired by the student (eg, later traveling to Germany due to a delay of the visa), the first transfer will cost 25 euros. Each additional change costs 50 euros.
Event times
One lesson or lesson lasts 45 minutes. The courses take place on the dates specified. On public holidays there are no classes. Should change dates, the students will be informed about it. If a date for the sake of which the speech Gallery has to answer, he will be rescheduled. If a date for the sake of which the participant has to answer, the date can not be rescheduled. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to merge from educational or organizational reasons courses.
Anyone who registers, agrees with the electronic data capture SGH-management program. The data is only used internally and is not passed.
The course fee does not include any insurance coverage. Participants are responsible for health insurance.
A liability for accidents, personal injury and damage, loss of dressing rooms and other objects for the duration of stay in the rooms of the gallery language will not be accepted.